Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Those frills and flowers and buttons and bows,Rings and things and buttons and bows.."

Yeah don't know why I thought of this old Dinah Shore song unless its because I am working with TONS of buttons, sequins,gems, ribbon, chipboard and other sparkly things. I am getting things ready for our first ever Pajamamamarama. This is an overnight event for our pre-k and kindergarten little girls and their mommies. While we didn't have a whopping huge turn out this time around we still will have 36 little giggly girls and their mommies. We unfortunately are competing with lots of end of school activities as well as sports awards ceremonies etc. But we will still have our giggly good time. Just know you all are missing out on all the crafts, Pajama fashion show,bounce house, chocolate fountain and movie, and musical dots just to mention a few of the things we will be doing.

Now some may ask what in THE world does this have to do with ministry? Isn't this just in house church entertainment? To some it may appear that way but part of our family ministry goals in our Preschool and Discipleship ministries are to provide times when we can educate mommies and daddies about spending meaningful one on one time with their kiddoes and sharing God's love and joy with them. We give them time to cheer on their children and encourage them in a place where they connect stories of how much Jesus loves them to remembering their mommy and daddy cheering them on as they made or achieved something. We also show them how to have a "date" night with their children. Especially when there are multiple siblings. Its so important for that child to have that one on one time with their parents.

So on Friday night amidst all the glitter, glue, feather boas, PJ's and chocolate, I am hoping that some memories will be made for these little girls that not only include mommy and their friends but how amazingly wonderful God thinks they are.

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