Saturday, March 7, 2009

So how are you doing with what you gave up for Lent?

This year I gave up watching not all of TV (I know myself too well) but I gave up hours of TV. I realize that many times I get hooked into a TV show or movie instead of spending time reading God's Word and studying it. Or even reading books relevant to understanding it. It is amazing how much of a "company keeper" TV is for me. I don't really watch it or even listen to it all the time. Many times its on and muted. I know, so you ask "why even have it on?" Well it gives the allusion of having another person in the room for me at times. Sad I know. In response to this many friends have told me I need a pet. ?? I also think its a habit..... so I am trying to break myself of a habit. One little bit at a time. So for now I am instead of turning on my TV to a show I turn it to a music station. Great music, still have visuals, etc. For instance right now I am listening to URGE Radio: Smooth Jazz :-)
It may take time to totally kick the habit, but so far I have gotten lots more done without the movie or TV Show distraction.

So.... how are you doing with holding to your thing you gave up for Lent?

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