Thursday, December 4, 2008

Shark infested

Can't you just hear the 2 note theme from Jaws??
Okay, no I have not gone to some tropical place and gone swimming with the sharks although going swimming or just looking at those tropical blue waters sounds really great to me. I am referring to the highways and byways this time of year.

Today as I was running errands for work, I got onto one of the interstates to save time. Crazy mistake! I felt like I was being swarmed by "sharks" out there on the roads today. For instance I merged onto the far right lane, the "slow" lane, and stayed at a reasonable speed. Yes I did go above the speed limit but only by about 5 mph. But I was still being "circled" and "swarmed" by seriously deranged drivers who obivously thought I was moving waaaay too slow.

At one point I just wanted to pull over and give up. I thought one truck was going to mow me down just so he could get in front of me. There were no free and clear areas, everyone just wanted to be in front or first, just like the little preschoolers I work with. But instead of just being a little body that can throw a tantrum these are people in large trucks and cars moving at speeds in excess of 75 and 80 mph. Very dangerous.

This is the time of year when I see evidences of Road Rage the most. People who are in too much of a hurry. To do WHAT?? I guess make sure they get that last Wall-e game for their child???? Don't know? So my word to everyone is: please be safe out there driving from place to place and remember Christmas is supposed to be a season of PEACE :-) and JOY.

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