Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saw a really "cheesy" movie......

Last Friday I attended the movie, Mama Mia with 2 of my friends. And we actually made a day of it. I haven't done that in quite a while. We had  pedicures, then did lunch at MiMi's, and saw the movie to round out our time. What a girly day. 
The movie although cheesy at moments was hilarious and FILLED with great music. If there had been room we would have gotten up and danced. Of course I am a child of the late 60's and 70's so I LOVED ABBA's music. As a matter of fact I had 8 tracks of  3 of their albums when I was in the 7th grade. And OF course had to sing and act out EVERY song especially Fernando and  Waterloo. Mostly sung with the music blaring and me being drama queen on the stairs at our house, hairbrush microphone in hand. But all of ABBA's hits we skated to at the skating 
rink. Who can forget the strobe lights and disco ball while skating to Dancing Queen??? Of course the side note here was I had my own roller skates with those big ol yarn balls tied to my laces. And the fun part was our skating rink had a fiberglass floor so we could skate REALLY fast!!! yeah speed skating competitions were a riot to watch. I was too chicken to participate. My brother tried all kinds of acrobatic antics. He was really good. His goal was to do a flip while "flying" around the corner at top 
speed. :-) He competed with many of our friends to try to and out do them all. And usually always did. 
But I digress.... back to the movie. There were some suggestive moments that truly they could have left out. And yes the plot of the daughter trying to find out who her dad is out of 3 men is a bit sad. But other than that the music was GREAT. And definitely the SCENERY was awesome. Of course because of the movie, I just want to go to Greece. The water was beautiful!!! WOW! 
So... do I recommend the movie sure. I mean its Pierce Brosnan AND Colin Firth!!! But it is definitely a chick flick! And be prepared to have all those great ABBA songs running through your mind for DAYS!!!

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What's next said...

Loved it too, glad I'm not the only Abba singing one!