Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I love Calvin and Hobbes!

I love the world of Calvin and Hobbes! There are too many things that Calvin does that remind me of my big brother and his antics when we were children. The world of imagination that Calvin lives in is sadly a world that most of our children today have a very hard time relating to. It is awfully sad to me. There are few children today growing up in the concrete jungles of our nation who understand that you can create all kinds of "worlds" within your imagination. In my childhood days a stick became a wand, a sword, an orchestra leaders baton, and on and on it went. But I also had trees to climb, hills to run, creeks to jump or wade through, and a grassy back yard to lay back on and dream. Children today have a neighborhood playground or the street to play in. So what does this mean? We need to work to create those atmospheres for growing and encouraging these imaginations in the children today before they grow up and take life way TOO seriously and forget how to laugh or imagine or create.  So thank you Calvin and Hobbes for continuing to remind us that childhood is best to be enjoyed and savored. NOT rushed through!!

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