Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter.... "WOW"

As a believer in Jesus for over 30 years, I have grown too accustomed to the Easter celebrations. It is harder  for me to experience anew this miraculous, excruciating gift that God the Father gave to us. I find myself a bit callous to the profoundly overwhelming incidents that led up to Jesus' Crucifixion and then the subsequent awe of the resurrection. How can something so wonderful, so central to the meaning of my life and my belief and relationship with Jesus be so for me? I actually have an answer to my own question. Today, as we have done the last 3 years, we presented the Easter story to our Preschool 4's through kindergarten during their Children's Church time. Our teachers do a great job of telling this through little vignettes that are actually the stations of the Cross. When they get to the part of the empty tomb, the children always get excited and are in awe of what God did in raising Jesus from the dead. Last year one of our children reacted with a resoundingly loud WOW!!! So... what can I learn from this? I am too much the analytical Adult. I need to be more like those children that I work with every week. Looking at things through the lens of the "WOW" of the gift of life that God has given to us through His son Jesus. And just the "WOW" of who God is. Jesus said to come to Him as a little child. Ironically I forget to do that and of all things as a Preschool minister I should remember that. I still have much to learn on this journey of faith.  


Ray said...

Don't we all have a lot to learn in this walk of faith? Seems as soon as I think I've got it, the Lord shows me that I'm way off.

Garrick said...

How true this is. Kids teach us so much about life, don't they?