Friday, February 15, 2008

Pen and Ink Prints

2 Posts in one day. I must be crazy :-). Actually, I was cleaning up and found some prints that I haven't framed yet. I took pics to send to my brother so I thought I would share. 2 Prints are my brothers. He studied art in college and created some really neat pieces. Here are 2 of his block prints. The one above is of the crown of thorns, nail and what was written above Jesus' head on the cross. The one below is of Mary the mother of Jesus weeping.  
If I remember correctly he carved the image into wood backwards, then inked them up and impressed them onto homemade paper they had made. Anyway, I am really proud of them and him because I remember him talking about how long it took to create each part and then print it. And sorry Robert for getting creases in one. :-(

Then one of my Aunt's old friends: Jake Taylor is an artist. Or I should say I think he is still painting, etc. We all have lost touch over the years. I have 2 of his pen and ink prints from WAY back when. I think my mom got them in 1975 and I got them this summer because I whined a whole lot. Just kidding. She was re-doing some things and decided they didn't fit her decor anymore. Anyway, Jake had some really neat beach prints. I remember visiting his house when I was little and thinking WOW! This guy is really talented. One of my prized possession's is one of his acrylics of the dunes and shore in NC.

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