Tuesday, February 12, 2008


One of my friends emailed me today with pics that she and her family had taken on a recent trip through NC. They visited a favorite haunt of mine from my college days. Holy Trinity Church and St Mary's Church in Ashe County, NC. They contain some really incredible frescoes by artist Ben Long. He studied in Italy under some of the modern masters. Okay is there such a thing as a "modern" master in the art world? Anyway, I really like his work. His Last Supper Fresco at Holy Trinity Church is incredible. As with most artists and frescoes it isn't merely a pretty picture it tells a story. And there are also humbling aspects for instance If I remember correctly he painted himself as Thomas. So if you ever want to see some incredible frescoes and are in the vicinity of the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC check Mr Long's art out. Holy Trinity church is located off mile marker 259 in Glendale Springs. All you have to do is follow the signs. Now these pics aren't the ones' that they took. They take good pictures, but the lighting in the churches is not that great for taking pics unless you have a really sophisticated camera. These are publicity "stills". These pics of the 2 "favorite" frescoes of Mr Long are so tiny but maybe you can get an idea. If you click on the Lords' Supper Fresco Pic below it will enlarge so you can see a little bit more detail. He also has a website you can check out: www.benlongfineart.com Also, here is a link to what is known as the Fresco Trail in NC. The frescoes have all been created by Ben Long. www.benlongfrescotrail.com

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